Bloody Daddy Full Movie (2023)

Bloody Daddy is a 2023 Indian Hindi-language action thriller film directed by Ali Abbas Zafar who co-wrote the film with Aditya Basu and Siddharth–Garima, and produced by Jio Studios. It features Shahid Kapoor, Sanjay Kapoor, Diana Penty, Ronit Roy, Rajeev Khandelwal, Ankur Bhatia and Vivan Bhatena. It is the adaptation of 2011 French film Sleepless Night,which itself got an Indian remake before in Tamil language as Thoongaa Vanam (2015), starring Kamal Haasan.

We are given a half-baked and boring Bloody Daddy while well-made crime dramas and movies based on drug mafias have been keeping us engaged on the big screen and on streaming platforms.

This Ali Abbas Zafar-directed film makes you wonder if he rushed to make it, write it, edit it, and release it, basically faltering in every aspect of filmmaking, starting with sketchy characters with absolutely no back stories, a wafer-thin plot, a screenplay that unfolds like a scattered puzzle piece, and a climax that takes no NASA brains to decode. Read further: Shahid Kapoor makes fun of the fact that he chooses movies like Bloody Daddy to vent his aggravation on set: “Have been wed for eight years.”

Bloody Daddy Full Movie (2023)

The drug lord (Ronit Roy) kidnaps the NCB officer’s son in return for a bag of cocaine after an NCB officer (Shahid Kapoor) and his squad in Gurugram bust a narcotics deal. The NCB officer is forced to accept the offer to bring the bag to his club for exchange after all other options have been exhausted. He quickly uncovers some of the NCB’s spies after entering the club, leading to his colleagues’ suspicions. Will the policeman succeed in apprehending the drug lord? Will he be successful in identifying the police department’s spies.

Will he succeed in rescuing his son? Will he be able to exonerate himself of attempting to conspire with the drug lord directly? Can he ever get his wife to forgive him for putting their son in this situation? Will he ever make it through the barrage of firearms and thugs? So you’ll have to watch “Bloody Daddy” to get all that.


A car carrying 50 crores worth of cocaine is attacked by NCB officer Sumair (Shahid Kapoor) and his colleague Jaggi (Zeishan Quadri), who then steal the contraband into their possession. Atharv, the son of Sumair, is taken hostage by Sikander (Ronit Roy Bose), who claims ownership of the drugs. Sikander informs Sumair that he will only release the latter’s son in exchange for the return of his narcotics. What then occurred? What difficulties did Sumair face in trying to save his son? The story’s core is in part comprised of this.

Plus Points

It is entirely Shahid Kapoor’s show. He is simply amazing in the action episodes as the great actor lets the beast out. His on-screen charisma is impressive, and he keeps our interest the entire time. The actor’s encounter with the Nepalese hotel employees is quite funny because he also has great comic timing.

The plot is introduced in the opening segment, which sets up a strong foundation for the rest of the film. The personalities are skillfully introduced, and later on, we learn about their goals as well. The first hour of this is mostly interesting with no particularly uninteresting parts, and the proceedings are also somewhat risqué.

Diana Penty is simply too talented for her small part. In particular, the action sequence starring Shahid Kapoor and Rajeev Khandelwal is incredibly exciting and well-shot. The action set pieces are beautifully crafted. The film’s editing team performed an outstanding job, and the running length is just under two hours.

Minus Points:

The second hour of the film was less engaging than the first hour was. The last forty minutes in particular are extremely unimpressive. The movie’s plot is so shallow that the creators wanted to pack in as many action scenes as possible. While the action portion initially piques interest, the overuse of it near the conclusion becomes a drawback in one respect.

Particularly the climactic action scene falls flat, and the movie comes to a predictable conclusion. The second hour of the movie is all action, and it receives a poor emotional rating. The movie is entirely made up of action, when there ought to have been a fair mix of emotional parts as well. The last song may have been skipped entirely. Rajeev Khandelwal and Ronit Bose Roy are underutilized.

Few people are aware that Bloody Daddy is based on the French smash hit Sleepness Night, which Kamal Haasan earlier translated into Telugu as Cheekati Rajyam (Thongaa Vanam). Given that there are just minor modifications, the audience that would have seen the original or Kamal’s film might not be interested in seeing this remake. The only change in Bloody Daddy is the Madhushalini music from Kamal’s Cheekati Rajyam.

Technical Aspects:

Julius Packiam’s score for the background music is passable. The action sequences were excellently captured by Marcin Laskawiec’s clever camera work. Beautiful production design was used, and the budget for the film was substantial. Perfect editing was used.

Regarding the movie’s director, Ali Abbas Zafar, he performed a passable job. The producers ought to have changed the plot and added more layers for more effect because it has been a very long time since the original and Kamal’s remake version were published. The opening hour of Ali Abbas Zafar’s screenplay is excellent, but it hasn’t held up as well.


Overall, Bloody Daddy is a mediocre action thriller. Shahid Kapoor is excellent in his role and has great screen presence. The first hour is entertaining and contains some enjoyable moments, but the second hour falls flat. There is a lot of action without any feeling. In the end, it makes for a passable watch.

Release Date : June 09, 2023 Rating : 2.75/5

Starring: Shahid Kapoor, Ronit Bose Roy, Rajeev Khandelwal, Diana Penty, Sanjay Kapoor, Saartaj Kakkar, Zeishan Quadri, and Others

Director: Ali Abbas Zafar

Producers: Jyoti Deshpande, Sunir Kheterpal, Gaurav Bose, Himanshu Kiran Mehra, Ali Abbas Zafar


An NCB officer named Sumair Azad busted a drug trade in Gurugram with the help of his deputy, Jagadish Prasad alias Jaggi. As a result, the drug lord Sikandar kidnapped Sumair’s son Atharva in exchange for returning the cocaine bag. Sumair decides that the only thing left to do is to promise to pick up the bag from the NCB headquarters and deliver it to his club for the trade. Aditi Rawat, his assistant, notices Sumair concealing the luggage in the men’s restroom and becomes alarmed. Aditi reports to Sameer Singh that she believes Sumair is involved in drug trafficking and then starts to chase Sumair, removing the bag of cocaine from the bathroom in the process.

When Sumair notices that the bag of cocaine is missing, he chooses to give Sikandar a bag filled with flour packets in the hopes that Sikandar and his friends, especially Hameed Shaikh, won’t notice the difference. Unfortunately, Sikandar and Hameed decide to kill Sumair after learning that he had taken advantage of them. Sumair approaches Aditi and reveals that, contrary to her assumptions, he has been working undercover and had organized the entire operation to reveal Sameer and Jaggi’s involvement in drug smuggling for Sikandar. He is caught between Sikandar’s group, Aditi, and Sameer.


  • Shahid Kapoor as Sumair Azad
  • Sanjay Kapoor as Hamed Shaikh
  • Diana Penty as Aditi Rawat
  • Ronit Roy as Sikandar Chowdhary
  • Rajeev Khandelwal as Sameer Singh
  • Ankur Bhatia as Vikram Chowdhary aka Vicky
  • Vivan Bhathena as Dharmesh Chowdhary aka Danny
  • Zeishan Quadri as Jagdish Prasad aka Jaggi
  • Sartaaj Kakkar as Atharva Azad
  • Diwakar Solanki as ATM Guard
  • Veto Swarn as Nnamdi ‘Morris’ Odu
  • Rais Baluch as Kannu
  • Saurabh Chauhan as J. K. Rathore
  • Suparna Moitra as Riya Sahni
  • Sachin Verma as Akash Kumar Chopra
  • Shaurya Kohli as Navpreet
  • Mukesh Bhatt as Rafique Shaikh aka Rafa
  • Amy Aela as Aisha


Bloody Daddy was filmed in 36 days amid the COVID-19 pandemic.–3–4–5

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